Rudiger on the Streets


Rudiger #4 - A Novella

Fugitive financier John Rudiger has finally settled into a peaceful existence in Antigua. No more Wall Street Journal articles revisiting his financial scandal. No more attempts by U.S. Attorney Charlie Holden to extradite him. No more hassles from the local police about his alias.

But after his repose is shattered when his housekeeper gets scammed out of her life savings by two cons, Rudiger gets mad and wants to get even. His plans to do just that take him into the belly of Antigua’s underworld, where he enlists the help of a ghetto crime boss.

There, he’s forced to rely on the dirty tricks he learned in his youth on the mean streets of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. And once he plunges into this world of double-dealers, swindlers and murderers, he realizes there’s no turning back.

Rudiger on the Streets is a 24,000 word novella.

Rudiger on the Streets

Copyright 2014 © by David T. Lender

Cover photograph copyright © by Evgeniya Uvarova