Rudiger in the Islands


Rudiger #2 - A Short Story

Fugitive financier John Rudiger adopts Antigua as his new home: he’s building a house and settling in to the islands life. Then Charlie Holden, Assistant U.S. Attorney in New York, gets a tip and sends one of his staff down to get the goods on Rudiger and extradite him back to stand trial.

In order to outwit Holden and his man, Rudiger needs to establish his credentials as an Antiguan national, so he enlists the help of the double-dealing local police—who will sell their allegiance to the highest bidder. Rudiger is forced to think on the fly to adapt to the machinations of both parties as he improvises to try to stay out of jail.

Rudiger in the Islands is a 20,000 word short story.

Rudiger in the Islands

Copyright 2013 © by David T. Lender

Cover photograph copyright © by BlueOrange Studio