Rudiger Comes Alive


Rudiger #1 - A Short Story

Hotshot Wall Streeter Walter Conklin is a wunderkind hedge fund manager who runs a $1 billion technology fund. He’s on a roll until his CFO cooks the books to overstate their results to raise more money. The only way out for Conklin is to insist his CFO keep cooking them until he can equal those returns. But the Feds are on to him, so Conklin needs to act fast before they can throw him in jail—just as the NASDAQ crashes from its historic highs.

In the end, Conklin needs to come to terms with the markets, his smart-mouthed wife and the Assistant U.S. Attorney in New York.

Rudiger Comes Alive is the story of a $1 billion hedge fund manager who scrambles in a collapsing market to recover from his CFO cooking the books before the Feds can throw him in jail.

Rudiger Comes Alive is a 13,000 word short story.

Rudiger Comes Alive

Copyright 2013 © by David T. Lender

Cover photograph copyright © by Miljan Mladenovic